Brackets For Blinds

brackets for blinds

  • Each of a pair of marks [ ] used to enclose words or figures so as to separate them from the context

  • (bracket) a category falling within certain defined limits

  • A category of people or things that are similar or fall between specified limits

  • (bracket) support with brackets; "bracket bookshelves"

  • A right-angled support attached to and projecting from a wall for holding a shelf, lamp, or other object

  • (bracket) either of two punctuation marks (`<' or `>') used in computer programming and sometimes used to enclose textual material

  • Cause (someone) to be unable to see, permanently or temporarily

  • The blinds are forced bets posted by players to the left of the dealer button in flop-style poker games. The number of blinds is usually two, but can be one or three.

  • Confuse or overawe someone with something difficult to understand

  • A window blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. A roller blind does not have slats but comprises a single piece of material.

  • window coverings, especially vertical blinds, wood blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds

  • Deprive (someone) of understanding, judgment, or perception

Adam Hug - Honorable Mention (Blind Squirrel Award)

Adam Hug - Honorable Mention (Blind Squirrel Award)

Hello Once Again, Sports Fans!

The games have been played, and the final standings are in, both for the teams and our many prognosticators. Of course, there can only be one winning team, and there can only be one Master Prognosticator. I must report that last year's Master Prognosticator has been dethroned, and a new Master Prognosticator crowned! The Master Prognosticator is dead, long live the Master Prognosticator!

This year's winner, and our new Master Prognosticator, is none other than the lovely and talented Mrs. Master Scorekeeper herself, Janet Hug! [Cue the confetti and balloons.] As our new Master Prognosticator, Janet has earned the attached Certificate, suitable for framing, bearing the image of the Master Scorekeeper (who has never looked better, if I do say so myself) and proclaiming Janet to have "the finest basketball mind we have ever seen". Congratulations, Janet -- I know you will cherish this certificate forever!

We have a couple of Honorable Mention Awards (also known as the Blind Squirrel Award) to hand out this year to those prognosticators who picked the winner of the tournament, but did not accumulate enough points along the way to be proclaimed the Master Prognosticator. We have two such honorable mentions to award this year: first, to our own Pater Familias, a.k.a. Dad. The second honorable mention goes to our favorite Wolverine, Adam Hug (who in my last message I incorrectly said picked Michigan to go all the way. Sorry, Adam, I have to withdraw all the loyalty points previously awarded, but you did win the coveted Blind Squirrel Award, so it all works out.) Enjoy your awards, gentlemen, and I fully expect to see them framed and hanging on your wall next time I come to visit.

Here are the final standings. You will all please take respectful notice that members of the Bruce Hug (Master Scorekeeper) family finished in three of the top five spots. Coincidence, or is it the work of a higher power?

Janet a.k.a. Master Prognosticator – 118 -- North Carolina
Bruce – 94 -- University of Connecticut
Adam -- 90 -- North Carolina
Dad -- 83 -- 1 -- North Carolina
Sarah -- 77 -- Pittsburgh (not in the Final 4)
Steve -- 77 -- Kansas (not in the Final 4)
David Hug a.k.a. Little Billy Droopy Drawers ["Hey, that's Dr. Little Billy Droopy Drawers, to you" -- David] -- 72 -- Louisville (not in the Final 4)
Karen – 70 -- Oklahoma (not in the Final 4)
Brian -- 69 -- Louisville (not in the Final 4)
Eric -- 66 -- Michigan (not in the Final 4) (Pardon me for mixing you up with Adam in my last report. Since you don't attend Michigan, I can't give you any loyalty points, and that means that this was not a loyal pick, just a silly pick. Sorry about that.)
Russell -- 65 -- Oklahoma (not in the Final 4)
Diane – 59 -- Syracuse (not in the Final 4)
Eileen -- 58 -- Syracuse (not in the Final 4)
Kathy -- 53 -- Oklahoma (not in the Final 4)
David Alcenius -- 48 -- Missouri (not in the Final 4)
Emma -- 42 -- Wake Forest
Bill -- 31 -- Ohio State (not in the Final 4)
Catherine -- 29 -- Cornell

I can't sign off without giving special thanks to all of the people who made my job easier this year. First, to the entire David Hug and Alcenius families, who did not get me their filled out brackets until after the second round. Next, to the entire Russell Hug family, who did not use the pre-formatted brackets, but instead wrote all their picks out on looseleaf paper, each person with a different format, and in some kind of code that only the CIA could break. ["Hey, Janet, help me out here -- who the heck is Kathy picking in the Final 4?" "I can't quite tell -- all those arrows pointing in 12 directions -- it looks like she's picking EVERYONE to win."] A very special nod to David Hug, who wrote his picks in light blue colored pencil, in that illegible scrawl of his that requires an electron microscope to see. ["Hey, Jan, I can't tell -- is he picking Louisville or Lithuania? And who the heck is this: ‘M..r..,;/;t’ "] For heaven's sake, people, is it really too much to ask that you use the standard brackets and write legibly in black pen? And next year, Steve, please remember that we pick ALL the teams at the BEGINNING of the tournament. And, lest I forget, a final word to our one non-participant -- Patrick: We're going to get you. You WILL participate next year, or we will heap abuse upon you the like of which you have never seen. You will become the subject of every e-mail I send out. Beware the Master Scorekeeper!

Congratulations once again to our winner, and our honorable mentions! This is the Master Scorekeeper saying goodbye until next year!

Bruce M. Hug
Master Scorekeeper
Husband of 2009 Master Prognosticator Herself, Janet M. Hug

Aaron Looks Too Closely At The PocketWizard... Scares It Into Fireing Like The Skunk The Pocket Wizard Is...

Aaron Looks Too Closely At The PocketWizard... Scares It Into Fireing Like The Skunk The Pocket Wizard Is...

Long title, I know, get over it.

We lost the best time of evening to shoot something with bride and groom of the last wedding we shot, due to some oddity with the PocketWizard Plus 2's.

For some reason, after working all afternoon, they stopped wanting to fire consistently. We changed batteries, moved them around, changed cords, changes batteries again, and then changes channels...


We then moved them away from the flashes and battery packs, and it seemed that this was our issue...

But by the time we discovered it, we lost the light.

The night time shots really work awesomely when you have that sky, just after sunset - and just as that sky stays that wicked blue... it would have been really awesome...

We made other awesome photos tho...

Canon 5D, Tripod Mounted, 24-70.
580ex on camera, Really Right Stuff Flash Bracket.
F/11, 2 second exposure, 38mm, ISO-800

brackets for blinds

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