Plantation shutters patio doors - Awning clip.

Plantation Shutters Patio Doors

plantation shutters patio doors

    plantation shutters
  • A hinged cover or screen for a window or door, usually fitted with louvres

  • A window shutter is a solid and stable window covering usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails (top, center and bottom).

  • (Plantation Shutter) the name coined by Australian Timber Shutters in the 80s for their Australian style shutter with wide adjustable blades. Now a mostly generic term for timber shutters.

    patio doors
  • (Patio door) A glass door that slides open and close on adjustable tandem rollers. Available in 2- or 3-lite configurations with the operable panel available in any position.

  • (Patio Door) n. Also known as a "Patio Door" or "Sliding Door".

  • (Patio Door) A mainly glass door that opens onto a patio, deck or backyard of a house. The door panel is comprised of stiles, rails and glass to allow for viewing. Originally homeowners asked for glass doors from a glazer, or someone who handles glass.

Flowers thru window (2)

Flowers thru window (2)

Cropped to remove bottom of plantation shutter in foreground at bottom of frame (as well as busy looking table jar is sitting on). Also cropped top to remove negative space and crappy image of opposite patio door.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Sliding plantation shutters on patio door to private balcony. Light fixture doesn't stay in condo when sold. You can just see the den/office in background here.

plantation shutters patio doors

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